Words of Wisdom for Would-Be Landlords

Thinking of letting your property? At Cricketts in Newbury, we know all the ins and outs of the process and can help make life simpler for you. Here’s some of our top tips to get you started.

Register now and make the most of our marketing

The sooner you register your property with us, the sooner we can match you with the perfect tenant. With our sophisticated marketing strategy, we’ll make sure your property is marketed to its best advantage and to the most appropriate target audience.

Check out first impressions

Look at your property from a would-be tenant’s point of view. A decision on whether or not to rent is often made within the first few seconds of seeing a property from the outside. Make sure yours has kerb appeal with a clean and tidy frontage. Something as simple as decorating the front step with a pretty plant pot is inexpensive but can make all the difference. 

Take a good look around

View the inside of your property with a potential tenant’s eye. With plenty of rentable properties on the market, make sure that when they step through your door they are going to like what they see. Is it time to get started on those maintenance jobs you’ve been putting off?

Plan ahead

Tenants expect a property to be professionally managed. For example, when they move in a tenant will expect it to have been professionally cleaned. Make sure you’ve got arrangements in place to ensure the whole process runs smoothly so there are no niggles and the relationship starts off on the right foot. 

Know your obligations

As a landlord, it will be your responsibility to keep up to date with current legislations – but we can advise you on the best places to find out what’s what and how to get regular updates.

Be contactable

If a tenant likes your property and makes an offer, they will want to know quickly that they can go ahead – or they’re going to keep looking. Make yourself available, or have a system in place so that you will be easily contactable. Let us know if you are going to be away, and check your messages regularly so that you don’t miss out on a great tenant.

There are clients on our books for whom your property may just be the perfect match. Why not pop in and chat through these tips with us in more detail, and let’s get you started as a landlord.