Words of Wisdom for Would-Be Buyers

When you’re looking to move, the excitement of viewing properties can mean the obvious becomes the less obvious. If you’re thinking of buying a property, there’s a few things we’d ask you to consider before you start the hunt for your next home.

What’s the plan?

Is your move relatively short term or do you want your next move to be your ‘forever home’? Is this a property for just you, you and your other half, or to expand into with a family? You’d be surprised how many people don’t look to the future, but it could save you a lot of money in the long term if you know where you’re heading.

An investment or just for you?

If the focus of your property hunt is an investment, it’s likely that this is a relatively short-term move. But if you’re planning on staying for five years or more, the home has to suit you long term and have the ‘now wow’, or potential for that ‘wow’, that will keep you satisfied for years to come.

Location, location …

… location. Yes, that old chestnut. But it is an important consideration, determined by what you’re looking for right here and now. If you find a property you love, some minor inconveniences can fade into the background – an extra 15-minute journey to work, for example. Transport links may not be important to you at this stage in your life, but if you are looking to sell up within a few years, it is something you might want to consider for your would-be buyers of the future.

How much work is too much?

Many people these days love a project, or at least some way of making their mark on a property. Sometimes, though, the reality of doing the work is not so great – it ends up being an impracticable commitment. Think carefully about the skills you have, what you’re willing to learn and what time you’ll have to commit to a project before making the leap. Or maybe you already know that you want a property that you can move into without having to do anything other than keep it up together. The main thing is to know what it is you’re really looking for, and go for it.

There are houses on our books which may just be the perfect match for you. Why not pop in and chat through these tips with us in more detail, and let’s get started on your property search.