How do we as an estate agent value your home? 


When you start to think about selling your home the first thing you probably do is to search the popular property sites to find out what you think it may be worth. Over the years technology has helped guide us to the value of our property as well as finding your next home or rental. 

But whilst it’s possible to get a rough idea the best way of an accurate valuation is to ask us.  

So, you may ask “why is your valuation going to be different from the that of an experienced estate agent”.  


Being a local estate agent, our knowledge of the area and local pricing makes us a good choice to contact. 


We take into account a number of factors: 

  • Location  
  • Size 
  • Local prices 
  • Condition of the property inside and out 
  • Any improvements that have been made and the quality of the finish of those improvements. 

Other factors also come into it : 

  • What is the current demand for the style of property? 
  • What did they sell for? 
  • Is there development opportunity? 

By doing an in person valuation we can also understand more personal things: 

  • Why did you buy the house? 
  • Why do you like living in your home? 
  • Why are you selling? 
  • Is there an urgency in selling? 

All of the above allows us to form a picture which in turns drives the property valuation and the approach taken to sell your home. We can also guide you on how to increase the value of your property and also what you could do to create some ‘wow factor’.