If you don’t have off-road parking, try to ensure there’s free space outside your property for your viewers when they arrive.  If you do, make sure it’s easy for your viewers to park.


Kerb Appeal

This is very important, as many people will drive by before deciding whether or not to view your property, so make sure the lead up to the front door looks inviting.  Move bins out of sight, tidy up, cut any grass, hedges or trees.  It’s also worth checking the exterior paintwork is clean and if needed, touched up, especially around the entrance.



Having got the viewers through the front door, they’ll be impressed by a tidy entrance hallway which will set the tone for the viewing.  Walking into a mess can put people in a negative frame of mind.  Viewers feel more comfortable if they can wipe their feet before coming into the property so make sure you have mats at the front and back doors.


Clean and Fresh

You’ve heard the saying ‘kitchens and bathrooms sell houses’, well it’s true.  So make sure your kitchen and bathroom are spotless with no washing up lying around or lingering cooking aromas … unless of course, it’s fresh bread or coffee!  Ensuring your whole house is as clean and fresh as possible really helps, especially if your home includes pets or teenagers!  Air freshners are great but too much can be overkill.  If the weather allows, opening the windows to freshen the property naturally is the best option.



Too much furniture makes rooms look smaller, so try to create as much open floor space as you can.  Try to make each room reflect its purpose and show it off to its full potential.  De-cluttering also applies to knick-knacks, children’s toys and personal affects.  If you can, put them away or start packing them ready for moving – be positive!  But don’t remove everything of a personal nature; your property should look as if people live in it.


Warm, light and bright

Viewing a home that’s comfortable, light and bright, and people can imagine living in, always makes a lasting impression.  So make sure all rooms are pleasantly warm but well aired, have the curtains drawn back, blinds open and the light on in the evening.  If some of your rooms are a little dark, some subtle lighting always helps.


Prepare all areas

Some viewers will want to look everywhere - inside built-in cupboards and storage spaces and at the boiler, heating controls etc.  Ensure there is access to any loft space and outbuildings, especially if it’s a second viewing.


Back gardens, garages and sheds

Try to have the garden looking well tended and the garage as clear as possible.  Everyone uses the shed to store the patio furniture, BBQ and all those things you’ve been meaning to throw away.  So what better time to start the big clear out or ask a friendly neighbour to help out with storing some of those things you intend to keep.


And finally pets…

If you have pets and are able to take them out of the property when viewers come, this is ideal.  Clear away any food bowls, and especially litter trays, and do your best to eliminate any smell – but don’t go overboard with the air freshner! 


As well as our top tips, remember don’t hesitate to ask our advice as making a few small improvements could make a big difference to achieving the best selling price.


Also, do talk to us about any cosmetic outlays you might have planned, as we can advise you whether or not they would influence the final selling price.